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EPIC's Unique Trap-door Design

(PATENT No. 6520171 and patents pending)


In the Epic, only air acts on the ball to propel it down the barrel; therefore, ball breakage in the marker itself is virtually eliminated.  

The Epic utilizes a thin (.03 inch ) dividing plate, a trap door, to separate the paintballs as they load into the breach. This extremely light part opens to allow the ball to enter the chamber and then closes to seal the chamber where the ball is ready to be fired. The trap door closes with less than three pounds of force, unlike standard large-mass bolts which mechanically push the ball forward and close with enough force to cut off a fingertip or completely obliterate a paintball. 



The PreVent Regulator, which is integrated in the grip of the Epic, automatically vents any increase in the marker's internal pressure safely. This greatly reduces the possibility of hot shots and allows for precise velocity adjustment. 

Becuase the PreVent Regulator vents any excess internal pressure automatically, the marker's velocity can be maintained near the set limit without velocity spikes. The PreVent Regulator also provides for exceptional performance in cold weather, allows the use of CO2 in cold and/or harsh environments, and is compatible with all power sources: compressed air, nitrogen, and CO2 without any modifications.

The velocity can be adjusted by using a standard 1/8 inch Allen wrench. The adjusting hole is located on the side of the ASA. This has been moved from the original position on the bottom of the ASA to allow for easy access while using a standard drop forward or cradle.


IMPROVED ACCURACY -- Hit what you aim at. 

No recoil means better accuracy.

There is no recoil in the Epic because there are no large-mass moving parts when the ball is shot!

 Repeatability means better accuracy.

Consistent regulated air pressure contributes to repeatability because each paintball leaves the barrel with the same amount of energy, and therefore will go the same distance.  The PreVent Regulator ensures the Epicís consistency.



Fewer moving parts means fewer parts to wear out and replace.

Since the main wear components in the Epic are limited to the self-lubricating Delron trap door, an actuating rod, and o-rings, the maintenance is limited to periodic oiling which can be done without breaking down the marker.

Forget about cleaning.

The Epic is sealed from outside contamination, so the only cleaning required after a day of play is wiping down the exterior of the marker with a soft rag and cleaning the barrel.

No more field damage.

There are no external moving parts to jam or catch on obstacles on the field.  You can keep your mind on the game and your eye on the target.



Are your arms too tired at the end of the day to hold up your marker? 

 Use the lightest, most accurate marker you can buy . The Epic is 2.3 lbs. including the barrel and foregrip. If it doesn't weigh enough for you "hard core" players, you can carry more paint!



 The manufacturer does recommend that you re-chrono the Epic when changing barrels, trap doors or from one power source to another.

Use equipment you are familiar with or already own and swear by. 

The Epic uses standard Autococker-threaded barrels which allows players to use any "cocker" barrel. Small or large bore barrels can be used without concern about paint rolling down or out of the barrel due to our dual ball stop restraints.

Standard drop forwards can be attached to the ASA.

For optimum performance, a kit consisting of several different size trap doors is available to better match the paint to the marker. This is used in the Epic to adjust for variations in paint size much like a barrel matching kit is used in standard bolt designs.



The Epic is manufactured with the highest quality materials--materials that will last on the field year after year. ICE cares about our product and your game.  The designer spent years of playing paintball and fixing markers for everyone on the team before deciding to create something new.  The Epic was designed to meet the needs of the players by looking at common problems in markers and  eliminating them. We look forward to hearing your feedback on our solution--the Epic.



If you have any questions, e-mail, call  or fax us:   TEL/FAX:  (909) 598-0150     
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Last modified: March 06, 2011